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New catalogue: Industrial Devices

Noark Electric Europe company issues new catalogue of Industrial Devices.

Catalog can be downloaded from the websites of the relevant products.


Catalogue content:


  • Miniature contactor Ex9CS
  • Miniature reversible contactor Ex9CSR
  • Contactors Ex9C up to 100 A 
  • Reversible contactors Ex9CR
  • Low power consumption contactors Ex9Ci
  • Contactors Ex9C up to 500 A
  • Capacitor contactors Ex9CC
  • Accessories for contactors 

Overload thermal relays

  • Overload thermal relays Ex9R up to 100 A
  • Overload thermal relays Ex9R up to 500 A 
  • Accessories for overload thermal relays 

Panel mounted devices

  • Panel mounted control devices Ex9P1
  • Panel mounted signal lamps Ex9IL 
  • Panel mounted buzzers Ex9PB


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